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Authorized Lincoln Lubrication Equipment Sales & Warranty Service




You Can Order Any Item By Phone Too, Just Call 630-678-9010 

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Many of the Lincoln Items are shipped directly from Lincoln Lube in St. Louis MO. 

Please allow extra shipping time if an item is back-ordered.  Smitty's will contact you if one of your items originating from the Lincoln Warehouse is back-ordered so you can adjust your expectations accordingly or change your order.


NOTE! UPS will NOT deliver to PO Boxes

LINCOLN Stub Pump Kit 

3:1 Pump For All Weight OILS 


Lincoln 282398 3:1 Ratio Stub Pump Kit


3:1 pressure ratio stub pump assembly comes complete with 282396 bare stub pump, 84935 pump cover kit, 73024 oil connecting hose, 72024 air connecting hose, 241584 90° volume union elbow, 815 air coupler, 11659 air nipple and 84538 bung bushing. Delivers a uniform six gallons of oil per minute. Ideal for dispensing fluids from drums, tanks or remote standpipe mount.

List $1145.15


$649.00 Each Delivered 



Replacement Bare 

Stub Oil Pumps


3:1 or 5:1 Bare Stub Pumps


(List $873.90)

3:1 Lincoln 282396  $529.00 Delivered




(List $947.15)

5:1 Lincoln 84933  $549.00 Delivered




LINCOLN 5:1 Stub Pump Kit 

5:1 Pump! More Pressure 

For All Weight OILS 




Lincoln 84934 5:1 Ratio Stub Pump Kit


5:1 pressure ratio stub pump assembly comes complete with 84933 bare stub pump, 85935 pump cover kit, 73024 oil connecting hose, 72024 air connecting hose, 241584 90° volume union elbow, 815 air coupler, 11659 air nipple and 84538 bung bushing. Need to move oil through a longer oil hose?  This is the pump!

(List $1134.30)

$649.00 Delivered






Lincoln Universal 1:1 Stub Pump

Transfers Oil Quickly


Lincoln List $811.40

$498.00 Delivered



Lincoln Model 84829 Universal Stub Pump

Pump design provides the versatility to transfer and dispense controlled amounts of lubricant using an oil spigot, control valve, reel or meter. Adaptable for 16 or 55 gallon containers as well as bulk oil tank or standpipe installations. 1:1 pump delivers 12.5 cubic inches of oil per cycle. Includes air motor 84831, pump tube 84828, suction tube, bung bushing, air coupler, air nipple.



Call us for a quote on any Lincoln Product!

If You Would Like Additional Information On Any Specific Product Or Service,  

Call 630-678-9010 and we will get 

your Quote or info to you ASAP!



  Air Operated Faucet Pump

LINCOLN Model 4480


4480 Faucet Barrel Pump

Use this air operated faucet pump on a 55 gallon drum, filling a secondary container easily and directly. No-spill shut-off valve at end of spout. Use for motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, windshield wiper fluid & just about any light viscosity product.

Piston style aluminum pump.

(List $555.70)

$349.00 Delivered 

In Stock, Ships Out Same Day


The above pump is also sold as a bare pump (below) for use with hoses, meters & other applications 


 4475 4475 


The Model 4475 pump is a reciprocating-piston, low-pressure single action pump.

Air powers the pump’s piston on the dispensing 

or "working" stroke. An internal spring

returns the piston and resets it for the working stroke. It pumps continuously when the

dispensing (fluid outlet) is open and when 20 to120 psi air is supplied to the pump. Pump has 3/4 inch NPTF threads to add suction intake pipe on the bottom to fit depth of barrel/tank it is pulling from. Use for motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, windshield wiper fluid & just about any light viscosity product.

(List price is $416.50)

$289.00 Delivered 




Drum 1:1 Dispenser Pump




(List price is $1004.45)

$729.00 Delivered


Lincoln Model 82230

Transfer pump quickly transfers fluids directly from 55-gallon drums. 2" bung bushing adjusts to varied drum lengths. 

Designed to stall against lubricant pressure so when oil is not needed pump stops automatically until demand resumes again.  

Use built-in air control valve to adjust fluid output flow up to 20 GPM.

Not for waste oil pumping




Filler Faucet 1/4 NPT


$49.00 Delivered 

Lincoln 846

For use with...

  • Windshield Washer Solvent

  • Anti-Freeze

  • Water








Two of 85515 $38.00 Delivered

2 of  85515

Two of 85516 $38.00 Delivered

2 of  85516

Two of 85517 $38.00 Delivered

2 of 85517





Diaphragm Pumps



85630 1/4 Inch NPT Pump

New Oil, Anti-Freeze or Windshield Washer Solvent

(Lincoln List $469.60)

Lincoln 1/2 Inch Pump $379.00 Delivered 





85622  1/4 inch Air Inlet

1/2 Inch NPT Inlet & Outlet Pump, 14 G.P.M.

Polypropylene  Body, Santoprene Wetted Parts

For New Oil, Used Oil & High Abrasion Liquids

(Lincoln List $650.95)

Lincoln 1/2 Inch Pump $479.00 Delivered 



Diaphragm parts repair kit for 85622

Kit #271871 for OIL

$139.00 Delivered


Call 630-678-9010 for other Lincoln Pump Repair Parts


85627 Aluminum Pump 1/2 inch Air Inlet

1 Inch NPT Inlet & Outlet Pump, 45 G.P.M.

Aluminum  Body, Buna-N Wetted Parts

For New Oil, Used Oil & Anti-Freeze

(List $909.00)

Lincoln 1 Inch Pump $598.00 Delivered 



Diaphragm parts repair kit for 85627

Kit #271811 for OIL

$198.00 Delivered




85634 1 Inch NPT Pump

1 Inch NPT Inlet & Outlet Pump, 45 G.P.M.

Aluminum  Body, Buna-N Wetted Parts

Good for New Oil, Used Oil, Diesel or Kerosene

(List $1045.00)

Lincoln 1 Inch Pump $689.00 Delivered 




84817 84817 Wt. 35 Lbs.




$189.00 Delivered 




85255 85255

$149.00 Delivered 




LINCOLN Model 5805

 Zerk Fitting Impact Cleaner 

No Shop Should be Without One Of These...


 Lincoln 5805 Grease Fitting Cleaner


• Clears hardened grease from fittings/joints.

• Includes steel drive cylinder, piston, safety

   shield, high-pressure hose & 5852 coupler.


Grease Fitting Cleaner Kit

Uses a hammer blow to force fresh grease through a plugged up Zerk Fitting.

Complete kit with storage case so components won't get lost!

$54.00 Delivered! 



Lincoln  Universal Follower Plate 

for any 120 lb. drum  L-84775

 $99.00 Delivered





Lincoln 740 Grease Control Valve


(List Price $170.00)

 $145.00 Delivered



Lincoln 740 Grease Valve Rebuild Kit

Rebuilds Grease valve shown above


   82157 for 740 grease gun repair  




$35.00 Delivered 




780 Shut-off Valve

Lincoln 780 Shut-off valve

$198.00 Delivered

LINCOLN "High Pressure" Hose Swivels

     82399 82399

1/2"-27 X 1/4"npt Straight Swivel

$39.00 Delivered 



1/4" npt X 1/4"npt Straight Swivel

$39.00 Delivered 



   81974 81974

1/2"-27 X 1/4"npt 90 Degree Swivel

 $66.00 Delivered



   81387 81387

1/2"-27 X 1/4"   "Z" Swivel







Oil Meter Swivel


90464 Oil Line Swivel 90464


Medium Pressure Oil Meter Swivel 

1/2"NPT(m) x 1/2"NPT(f)

1000 psi maximum working pressure

Fits between meter and Hose






Contact us if you need any other 

type of Lincoln swivel






Grease GunHose Extensions 

4500 PSI Rated


Model 81726


 12" Hose 1/8" NPT(m) with 5845 Coupler 

$37.00 Delivered



Model 81725

Like above image 

18" Hose 1/8" NPT(m) 5845 Coupler

$38.00 Delivered 






4459 Grease Pump, Hose, Valve & Dolly Kit 

Lincoln 4459

Air Operated Grease Pump Kit with Dolly, for 35 Lb. Pail (5 Gallon)

40:1 Grease Pump

(Grease pail NOT included)

(List $947.85)

 $559.00 Delivered

For 35 Lb. Pail

NOTE! Samson has a 55:1 kit on sale, same price LINK

 New Replacement Bare Pump Available


$325.00 Delivered


LINCOLN 40:1 Ratio

120 Lb. Drum Grease Pump Kit


Lincoln 4417

Same as Above, but for 120 Lb. Drum (16 Gallon)

  (List $980.60)

$579.00 Delivered

  For 120 Lb. Drum

Value Series 40:1 Single Acting 

Grease Pump Kit

Includes 40:1 grease pump, cover, grease control valve, universal swivel, 7' hose, follower plate and dolly with sturdy casters. 

 New Replacement Bare Pump Available for above Grease Pump Kits


$319.00 Delivered



Note more Grease Pumps Lower On This Page



35 Pound 5 Gallon Pail of 

Castrol Chassis Grease 

$298.00 Delivered 

Castrol Pyroplex Blue2 

CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE is the ultimate lubricant for very wet and performance challenging on and off highway environments. CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE’S unique multifunctional solid lubricant additive builds tack and adhesion when exposed to water saturated environments. When performance is challenged in the presence

of water and humidity.
CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE not only resists softening and washing out, but grows in tack and adhesion with continued exposure. In high temperature environments, film strength is increased between metal surfaces, and the affinity for metal surfaces is enhanced. 

This produces a slippery physical barrier of protection.
CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE’S enhanced load carrying ability is coupled with dramatic oxidative characteristics and high temperature structural stability for exceptional performance in heavily loaded bearings.


10 Pack Pyroplex Blue2  

Grease Tubes 

$89.00 Delivered









If you don't find it on our website, check the Lincoln On-Line Catalog. Just find what you want & call us with the item number for an over the phone price quote. 


If you would like additional information on any specific product or part, you can call us

630-678-9010 and we will get your 

request to you ASAP.






Lincoln "Odometer-Style"

Mechanical Meter


L-279321 Quart Meter


$289.00 Delivered

Available 3-7-2016

For indoor and outdoor fluid dispensing applications.

Featuring an odometer-style mechanical readout,

the offering comes in either a liter- or 

quart measurement version. 
The non-resettable totalizer lets you keep track of product usage over time.
Package includes:
• Mechanical oil meter
• Rigid or flexible extension with non-drip nozzle
• Trigger handle guard
• Black protective shroud
• Adapter for connecting extension in the 90-degree configuration
• Instruction manual




908ER Has Rigid Nozzle Rigid Nozzle 981

8 GPM Electronic Oil Meter

(List $406.58)


 $289.00 Delivered



908EF Has Flexable Nozzle  Flex Nozzle 982

8 GPM Electronic Oil Meter

(List $406.58)


 $289.00 Delivered




Gear Oil Pint Meter


Mechanical Meter


(List $661.83)

SALE $398.00 Delivered




Mechanical Quart

Oil Meter 


 Lincoln 877 

For Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid,

10 inch Flexible Hose, Non-drip Nozzle,

16 Quart Dialing Capacity, 

1/4 Quart Increments 

Includes 90464 Straight Swivel, 

1000 PSI Rated

(List $479.25)



  $295.00 Delivered





"Pre-Set Meter"



Shuts off automatically at Pre-Set amount 

The Lincoln # 905 Has 70 deg. ridged spout with non-drip nozzle, Use for Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Auto Trans Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, Anti-freeze. Easily replaced battery with a Low Battery Indicator, Digital display has two decimal point precision to show exact amount of fluid dispensed.

(List price is $773.80)


 Price $479.00 Delivered






"Pre-Set Meter"

3867 3867 



Shuts off automatically at Pre-Set amount 


Has rigid extension, 93548 non-drip nozzle and straight 90464 swivel hose connector.

Measures up to 60 quarts on the dial!

 Perfect for servicing large oil 

capacity diesel engines. 

(List Price $1006.05)




$498.00 Delivered





Quart or Liter Meter


Shuts off automatically at Pre-Set amount 


Has rigid extension, 93548 non-drip nozzle and straight 90464 swivel hose connector.

Measures up to 16 quarts or 

10 liters on the dial.

(List $1006.16)




$498.00 Delivered








High Flow Fuel Nozzle 


69824 69824

3/4 NPT Connection and Auto Shut-Off

$159.00 Delivered




Same as above but with 1" NPT Connection 

& Auto Shut-Off

$289.00 Delivered





Professional Bearing Packer

816 Bearing Packer  LINCOLN 816


This well made item will probably last 

your entire lifetime and longer!  

This isn't some cheap plastic

bearing packer...

Flush and Pack in one operation 

eliminating inefficient washing 

and messy hand packing!


Services bearings from 5/8 I.D. to 1-1/2 I.D. This versatile compact unit mounts on work-bench, wall or any flat surface. Bearing is flushed and packed by contacting fitting in packer head with power grease gun control valve or high-pressure hand grease gun. Unit is solidly constructed (4 1/2"  high,  4" wide)


 SALE $169.00 Delivered





Manual Dispenser
Model 1293 

$94.00 Delivered 


Clamps securely on 25 to 30 pound

bucket or container. 

Five foot Long hose.

Pump tube is 13 inches long below rim. 










 1296_actual_kit.jpg (91484 bytes)


Clamps to any original 25-50 lb. refinery container. Handles medium and light lubricants in any weather. 

Includes pump, filler socket, follower plate and ribbed steel drum cover. 

Rust resistant Tube size is 1-1/2". 


$93.00 Delivered






Have a bunch of Hand Grease Pumps in your Service Department? 

Want to keep them full cheaper 

& faster than using cartridges? 

 1292 Grease Gun Filler

Lincoln 1292

Manual Bucket Grease Pump For Transferring Grease to Fill Grease Guns or Other Containers and for Some Direct Greasing Applications...


Clamps on any 25-50 pound refinery container, 

pumps high-pressure chassis grease or other 

grease lubricant in any weather even at 0 deg.  

Develops 2500 lbs pressure.

Lincoln List $369.40


Price $325.00





Waste Oil Evacuation

 & Disposal System



Consists of 1" Heavy Duty 85634 UL listed double diaphragm pump, 1" X 5' suction hose 237105, three foot air hose, 

3/4" X 5' fluid hose 68620, 

Filter, Regulator, Lubricator

  Lists at $1521.00 

SALE PRICE $1079.00 Delivered

 4100 kit


Filter & Regulator Combo Unit



Combo Units Include Air Gauge


1/4 inch NPT 85388-4  $95.00 Delivered 



3/8 inch NPT 85388-6  $95.00 Delivered 



1/2 inch NPT 85388-8  $149.00 Delivered 



3/4 inch NPT 85388-12  $235.00 Delivered 




Filter, Regulator & Lubricator "FRL" Unit




1/4 inch NPT 85387-4  $125.00 Delivered 


3/8 inch NPT 85387-6  $129.00 Delivered 


1/2 inch NPT 85387-8  $209.00 Delivered 





3/4 inch NPT 85387-12  $339.00 Delivered 


1 inch NPT 85387-16 $359.00 Delivered 







Lincoln Work Light


Model 91023

Compact and durable, the reel’s robust design withstands harsh environments, including moisture, chemicals and abuse. Its spring-powered, automatic recoil and adjustable cord stop provide operator convenience. The included steel mounting bracket facilitates installation on a wall, ceiling or bench.

Has 50 Foot Long Cord!

Features and Benefits:
Fully enclosed on/off switch to block moisture and debris
Spring-powered, automatic recoil
Adjustable cord stop
125 V input voltage reduced to 12 V at
Two hooks for hanging light head
Two magnets for temporary mounting on metallic surface
Replaceable light head
COB technology for high quality lighting
Flame-resistant ABS reel housing
Five-position guide arm for optimum cord angle
50 foot long 18/2 SJTOW cord

Lincoln List Price $214.99

 $189.00 Delivered





New LINCOLN PowerLuber 14.4 Volt 

Battery-Operated Grease Gun


1444 with dual batteries  

Lincoln Powerluber 1444 shown

1442 & 1444 Lincoln PowerLuber

Lincoln has introduced its new PowerLuber 14.4-volt, cordless grease gun. Designed for virtually any lubrication application, this professional quality tool features a two-speed switch for high-pressure or high-volume delivery and a cycle indicator pin to monitor grease output. The PowerLuber’s long-lasting 14.4-volt battery provides maximum working time between recharges, and its “Smart” charging system recognizes battery condition when not in use and keeps the battery fully charged. PowerLuber’s balanced design and padded grip provide operator comfort during use, and its heavy-duty compact case is molded from impact- and stain-resistant plastic.
List $371.00
Sale price $269.00 Delivered


Or This Model...


List $481.00

Dual battery version of same unit Model 1444

Sale price $329.00 Delivered 






LINCOLN Container &

Drum Dolly Assortment


 84191 84191 & 84192

84377blk  84377

$110.00  Delivered 

84191 Band Dolly 

$110.00  Delivered 

84192 Band Dolly 

$145.00  Delivered 

84377 Band Dolly




Roll-A-Round Base 80895  

Large replaceable swivel casters provide ease of maneuverability. $187.00 List

  $169.00 Delivered = Free Shipping



Lincoln 535 Gear Lube Dispenser


List $858.35


$569.00 Delivered





Lincoln Air Operated 

Gear lube & ATF Dispenser



Medium pressure, fast clean dispensing using Lincoln air operated pump. Includes 80895 Roll-A-Round base, 870 Pint Meter, Air Hose Coupler, 5 foot 73060 delivery hose and 780 shut off valve and Stub Pump 


  Kit with 3:1 pump #2435

(282396 3:1 Pump)

$1069.00 Delivered



Kit with 5:1 pump #2535 

(84933 5:1 Pump)

$1119.00 Delivered 






Strainer_181072.jpg (7378 bytes)

1" NPT Female Thread


Fits on bottom of pump SUCTION TUBE 

or OIL SUCTION HOSE with 1 inch male thread, filters out debris from product

 to protect pump from foreign materials


$39.00 Delivered 








• Cast iron pump head for strength and durability.

• Jam-proof toggle mechanism prevents binding

   or accidental bending of plunger.

• Performance-proven design.

• Locking follower rod with removable end cap.

• Extra-heavy follower spring insures positive

  priming and uninterrupted pumping action.

• Accessible check valve allows easy cleaning

  without gun disassembly.

• Precision fit and hardened plunger prevents

  lubricant bypass, resists scoring for longer life.

• Follower rod locks into follower to force prime.


 $44.50  Delivered 





1142CLR Grease Gun


1142CLR Cartridge


$65.00 each Delivered




Model 1148



Premium version of the 1142. 

This pump head includes dual grease inlet ports that provide the user the option of high pressure or high volume delivery. 

The tool also includes a comfortable vinyl grip and vent valve for purging air.

 $49.00  Delivered 





1148CLR Grease Gun



1148CLR See through chamber

$77.00 each Delivered




LINCOLN 1162 Professional 

Air Operated Grease gun


1162  Air-Operated


Model 1162 PowerLuber®


• Fully automatic, pneumatic grease

  gun with variable-speed trigger

• Outstanding performance, durability

   and grease flow

• Patented Anti-Cavitation pump

• 6000 psi greasing capability

• Air operating range 40-150 psi

• Accessible check valve/easy cleaning

• Includes advanced vent valve with

  filler nipple

• 30" high-pressure hose

• Low operational noise

(List 120.00)

$112.00 Delivered   



Order Any Item From Our Website Or By Phone, Call 630-678-9010 

Between 9AM and 5PM Mon thru Fri



HIGH PRESSURE Replacement Lincoln   Grease Pump #82050

Replacement 50:1 Grease Pump


LINCOLN 82050 Bare Grease Pump 50:1

List Price $1165.00  

SALE  $699.00  Delivered 


Repair Kits for the 

 Popular 82050

50:1 Grease Pump Above


 Lincoln 83054 Repair Kit

Lincoln Air Motor Repair Kit #83054

(For above pump)

List Price $168.00 not delivered

$167.00 Delivered 



 Lincoln 83001 Repair Kit

Lincoln Lower End Repair Kit #83001

(For above pump)

$75.00 Delivered 










NOTE: Grease drum/pail NOT included with any grease pump kits.


LINCOLN Model 917

  50:1 Grease Pump Kit

82050 50:1 Double acting pump,

 Drum Cover,

Roll-A-Round Base,

Air motor cover,

Grease Hose,

740 Grease Valve

& Swivel

 List $1712.75

Sale Price $897.00 



Lincoln 989

50:1 Double Acting Grease Pump Kit



Steel cover has 3 thumb screws to securely clamp onto any original 25-50 pound refinery container.

List $1300.80

Sale price $698.00





Lincoln 35 Lb. Pail Grease Pump Kit

Single Acting High Pressure Pump

659 #659


50:1 Ratio Pump

Steel cover has 3 thumb screws to securely clamp onto any original 35 pound grease pail. Includes 84191 band-dolly, 740 Grease Valve & High Pressure Hose 

(List $1059.75)

Sale Price $639.00  




Lincoln 4417 Grease Pump Kit fits 120 Pound grease barrel. 

40:1 Pump

Includes:  Pump, 7 ft. hose, grease valve and follower plate. 

List $961.35

$569.00 Delivered

 New Replacement Bare Pump available L-274216

$249.00 Delivered




 MODEL 6917 

Grease Pump Kit



List Price $1069.60

$669.00 Delivered 

Double Acting Pump!

Developed for light and heavy vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction equipment, this heavy-duty, double-acting pump delivers the same volume and pressure as more expensive pumps, but at an affordable price. Featuring Lincoln’s proven 50:1 double-acting grease pump, the package includes a grease control valve and universal swivel to improve access to hard-to-reach fittings. In addition, its four-wheel band dolly maneuvers easily around the shop. A standard metal follower plate with a flexible wiper edge cleans the 120-pound drum and helps prime the pump for efficient use of available grease. The Model 6917 is easy to use and operates quietly, improving the shop environment. 








NOTE: If you pay by check instead of using a credit card 

or paying from our website, you can deduct 2.0% credit card

processing fee on any purchase on this web page.


Call for Info 630-678-9010 and Mail your check to the address below.


Send Checks and Correspondence to our Home Office:


Smitty's Equipment Sales


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Addison, IL. 60101





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