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3620 3621  

  Please call 630-678-9010 if you see an Item you would like information on. Thank you!

3624-C 3623  
3670-B 7604-B  
3622-A 3685-F  
7936 338860  
5904-2 5604-2  

Standard High-Pressure Control Valve





Material inlet: 1/4" NPTF(f)
Pressure: 7,500 psi

Durable and built to last.
Delivers pre-set, measured shots with trigger partially depressed and also provides continuous flow with trigger fully depressed.

Extension (49136)
Coupler (6304-B)

Deluxe High-Pressure Control Valve

7421-3 7421-3





Material inlet: 1/4" NPTF(f)
Pressure: 7,500 psi
Selector provides full flow and a wide range of measured shots.
Built-in three-stage strainer prevents dirt from fouling valve or damaging bearings.
Extension (49136)
Coupler (6304-B)



















  Lift Troubleshooting Hotline

Dial Our Troubleshooting Hotline 630-678-9060

(Available 2 Hours a Day)

Between 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Central-Time) Mon-Fri

(Talk to a Real Person... not Email or Chat Messages.)

Troubleshooting & Repair requests that are received on our other phone-lines

will be asked to dial the above Designated Hotline we provide. 


Before Calling Our Free Service, Have The Brand Name, Model Number

& Other Equipment Identification Handy When You Call. 


Please be patient and allow us to give you all the help we can provide.  

Troubleshooting some problems can take time to diagnose. 

Because of the time involved we prefer discussing the repair with one person.

So please have someone call us that has actually used the equipment and is

capable of understanding the mechanical aspects of the repair involved.  

We appreciate not having to "start from the beginning" with a second person, and might

not have the time to explain what we discover all over again if other Callers are waiting. 

 We're looking forward to helping you with your repair issue & parts needs.  

Best Regards, Smitty





















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 Pump Diaphragm Rebuilding Kit For Graco 1040 or 1050 pumps same as part # D07525 SERVICE KIT 

$119.00 Delivered 






Air Valve Repair Kit For Graco 1040 PUMP  
Same as part # 236273 SERVICE KIT 

$59.00 Delivered 




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